面试请求向Kellogg的首席执行官 - 15分钟的面试100K(请分享此帖子)

我的最新帖子介绍了凯洛格(Waffles Kellogg)为儿童创建的新的华夫饼干,这些儿童充满了人造色素和其他可怕的成分以及对儿童免疫系统的灾难,使人们准备好负责凯洛格(Kellogg)负责。看到帖子后,我的朋友杰西·伊茨勒(Jesse Itzler)向凯洛格(Kellogg)的首席执行官提出了挑战。阅读更多


I have some outrageous news for you today… If you’ve been reading this blog – you know that Kellogg’s sells cereals in the U.S. with artificial colors, artificial flavors, and BHT, while they make the same cereals without these risky ingredients in other countries. We petitioned Kellogg’s, asking them to remove artificial ingredients from all …阅读更多

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